Seasonal Sentiments #1: A Painful Start to the Season

The past two seasons I have not been keeping up with current anime. Having only seen a few airing shows the past half year, I’ve been pretty far away from what’s happening in the community. Basically, I want to start seeing a little more of what’s out, so that’s what I’m doing this season. I’m going to try and recap my thoughts on everything that I saw and release them pretty much whenever.

Edit: This was written days ago and only covers the first episode of each show.

I know that we’re very much in the early part of the season right now, but I’m already a little reluctant as to what’s coming. I feel like we’re having a bit too many shows that just fall flat immediately. So far I haven’t seen anything better than a seven out of ten. Regardless, there are still a lot more shows coming out this season that we haven’t seen yet, so we can at least hope.

Banana Fish

Banana Fish is strange but intriguing. Despite the slow start quality wise, I think all of the characters in the show are really interesting and it’s fun to see them interact. The writing isn’t amazing, it’s a little forgettable, and I’m really not invested in anything so far. However, I think it has decent potential. While it’s not brilliant, it’s still interesting enough to keep my attention for a few episodes at least.

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Chuukan Kanriroku Tonegawa

I already covered this show in this post, but I think it’d be appropriate to at least touch on it here. I was excited at first for an extension of Kaiji, but I was let down hard when I realized that this wasn’t at all like the old Kaiji. Chuukan Kanriroku Tonegawa is a comedy that follows middle-man Tonegawa as he attempts to cure the president’s boredom. That would be fine if it wasn’t so bad. It feels like an unorganized blend of Kaiji and a 6/10 comedy that leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth. They somehow even made the art worse than the 11-year-old show it’s based on. The only real reason to watch this is if you’re curious.

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Shichisei no Subaru

You can tell this one’s gonna be good because the first shot of the entire episode is a bad CGI dragon. Of course, as soon as we’re shown other characters they’re praising the main cast. A group of six or so 12-year-olds somehow suddenly became gods at this one game. One of the girls quickly dies in the game, simultaneously dying in the real world as well due to a heart attack or something. One six-year time skip later and some of the old group starts playing a new version of the game and finds the old girl’s body in a loot chest. When the seemingly main character rejoined and immediately surpassed people who had been playing for two months in skill tenfold, I lost the last amount of hope I had for this show being anything other than a mess. The show completely lost my attention minutes in, and I really can’t see myself caring about it. The show is boring and has barely any redeeming qualities. That is all.

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Chio’s School Road

Chio-chan no Tsuugakuro is a comedy about a girl, Chio, making her way to school every morning. While I wouldn’t mind this show if it was actually done well, it feels like something funny trapped in an ugly shell. It tries so hard with its comedy, but the delivery is boring at best. While a show like Sakamoto can pull off the same joke over and over again and I’ll still love it, this show is not Sakamoto and I started getting tired of it pretty early in. This isn’t even the only show about a girl going to school. Just watch any good comedy anime instead of this please.

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Again, this is another show that I barely even remember only an hour or so after watching the first episode. The focus starts on some random girl and switches to a naked guy who washed up on a beach after she faceplanted into his crotch for no reason, then follows him as we slowly find out that he’s the chosen one who needs to die or something. Everything feels really shallow and reeks of every other isekai show I’ve seen except with worse animation. I’ll be honest, I didn’t even make it through the first episode of this thing. When the main guy just up and snuck away from the police officer on a flat beach, I just started staring at my ceiling.

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Alright, that’s all I have for now. I’m going to be writing about shows and episodes as I watch them in the future, so expect more to come. I am going to individually cover a number of these shows, so I’ll edit links in here to those posts once they’re all made. Let’s hope to see some better shows as we get through the season because so far, the season just sucks. Anyways, see you guys next time!



Chuukan Kanriroku Tonegawa – A Kaiji Fan’s Disappointment

When I heard that there was going to be a spinoff of Kaiji featuring Tonegawa, I was really excited. However, I’ve found myself disappointed after only the first episode. When the narrator started giving a recap of what happened in the first season of Kaiji, I had a really bad feeling. The narrator’s lines themselves, his tone of voice, and what was featured there was unsettling. I felt from the start that the shift of focus wasn’t going to be pretty.

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I don’t think that Chuukan Kanriroku Tonegawa is necessarily a bad show, but I think it misses the point of Kaiji. The strange combination of comedy, narrated sections that are annoying at best, and small glimmers of the corruption and psychological scenes somewhat resembling the old Kaiji is disorienting. Even if it’s drawn with the same art style, Chuukan Kanriroku Tonegawa doesn’t feel like Kaiji in the slightest. The scene where the president requests a death game from Tonegawa is the only one in the entire episode that made me actually feel like I was watching Kaiji, and it lasted a mere 15 seconds.

Image result for tonegawa

I think saying that the art style is the same is still giving way too much credit to the new show. The first scenes are bright, city shots with color palettes that feel like the real world if not more vibrant. When Tonegawa is shown sulking, he’s shown from a wide shot in a generic looking office room with a spotlight on him. To put it simply, the art style feels like it’s being ripped off. In the old Kaiji, we constantly had dark, dull color palettes forced down our throats, disturbing framing, and shots made with the intention of making us feel on edge. This isn’t felt in the new show, nor is it at all built on. We’re shown similar gimmicks to the original such as the “psst… psst…”, creepy whispering, and dark lines down foreheads, but it’s forced. Once again, it just feels like I’m being taken advantage of by a completely different show.

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If Chuukan Kanriroku Tonegawa had built on the plot of Kaiji, kept the intentions and feel, or had at least been better than a middle of the road comedy, I would have been okay. But this feels like someone stole the art style and a couple characters from Kaiji and put them in their regular, boring comedy just to get attention. While I could touch on the actual quality of the show in detail, it’s simply not worth it. If this had been anything other than a Kaiji spinoff, I would’ve given it a 6/10 and forgotten it immediately. But instead, I’m annoyed and disappointed at the obvious lack of effort put into a show that seems to only exist to take advantage of what its adapting. At least when the Ousama Game anime came out I didn’t have any expectations beforehand. But with this, I feel taken advantage of after being so excited for an extension of one of my favorite anime.

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I’m going to ride this series out as long as I can because I really want to see it to its original justice, but I have absolutely no hope. If you came looking for a show like Kaiji, don’t watch this because you won’t get what you want. Anyways, now that the new season of anime is starting, I’m going to start doing posts on all of the seasonals, so stay tuned for that. See you guys later!


Born to Die, Fakes Become Real – Megalo Box

I generally have a hard time keeping up with seasonal anime, it takes a level of motivation to get me to want to put on an episode of something new or that I haven’t heard anything about (I’m not a very active participant in the anime community in general, so I go into a lot of things blind). One show that I picked up later into the season that was filled to the brim with this motivation was Megalo Box. I picked up the first episode the day before the finale aired and finished the show just after. I kept finding myself wanting to watch the next episode. Not because of damn cliffhangers, but because of that raw passion you get from watching Joe fight his way to the top. (SPOILERS AHEAD)

Related image

I absolutely love how the show presents itself when nothing is happening and the show is just putting you in a good mood. The OP, for me at least, was a way to get me excited about watching the show again. It didn’t as much as feature Megalo Boxing outside of a shot of some gear. While the show easily could’ve filled a lot of its OP with matches between boxers, it shows shots where nothing is happening, many of which being panning. While there is definitely some symbolism when it comes to the stray wolves, especially with the shot of a wolf walking over a one-way sign representing Joe’s rejection of the path chosen for him, it’s mainly to get you settled in. Watching it puts you in the mood to watch the show, and that’s what it was designed for.

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This was one of the reasons the show was able to keep ahold of me through its entire runtime. It kept me in the mood to watch more. Although the show was extremely exciting, that’s not what kept me going. I wasn’t itching to see the next action scene, I was just wanted to see more of everything, and the OP reinforced this. Even after that, the ambiance of The Theme of Sachio playing alongside still shots brought a smile to my face every time. We aren’t brought out of reality to watch fight scenes because they carry that same underlying vibe of the rest of the series that makes the whole thing feel real.

Image result for megalo box intermission

This is one of the show’s best qualities, keeping everything feeling real. Nobody’s character feels like a device to keep the plot moving. At first, Aragaki seemed to be just a vengeful old friend of Nanbu. But by the end, we’re deeply invested in his character, a deeply hurt war veteran who just wants closure. Despite being very closed off throughout most of the series, by the end, she feels very genuine and it’s easy to understand how hurt she is when Yuri abandons her completely to face Joe.

Image result for megalo box aragaki

How all of the characters interact is very believable. The comradery between groups feels genuine and we can understand how they feel when they get into tough situations. Joe feels like a real person who we can understand and relate to, I could name a couple of people in my life who are a lot like him. He’s not blindly drawn to winning or beating bad people, he’s just an average guy who finds pleasure in life by feeding off of adrenaline. As he tells Yuri late into the show, he started fighting gearless for attention, but he continues to be gearless even after he’s accomplished his goal because it excites him.

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Overall, there could’ve been a lot more elaboration on the theme of choosing your own path in life. Despite symbolism in the OP and first episode, Abuhachi’s seeming comfort in being poor (the mechanic from the first episode), Yuri’s rejection of Yukiko and Shirato to pursue Joe, Joe’s defiance of the underground scene and throwing matches, Nanbu disobeying Fujimaki to allow Joe to beat Glen Burroughs, and constant allusion to the theme throughout the series, I feel like the commentary was very linear and didn’t actually say much as much as it did remind us about it. Specifically, the ending was obviously centered around the theme of defying your path and coming out on top. However, the ball was seemingly dropped on including it in any dialogue or monologues as it had been before the point had actually been made in the ending. Although I don’t think the handling was perfect, I still really enjoyed the theme. It was a stellar fit for the series and made Joe’s climb to the top thrilling.

Image result for megalo box end

I really don’t have too much more negative to say about Megalo Box. I wasn’t a big fan of Fujimaki’s character as despite being a main antagonist, he has very little character development, it’s disappointing that his character was shallow and seemingly existed just to cause conflict. I’m also a little disappointed about the lack of development in Mikio Shirato despite showing so much potential. After being beaten by Joe, he seems to just disappear. While a lot could’ve been done with his character while he transitioned into isolation, he silently disappeared and the next thing we knew his character was completely different. I wasn’t a big fan of when Sachio was upset by Joe being forced to throw his Megalonia match either. The way Sachio handled his anger didn’t feel genuine and I think it missed a good opportunity for some tearjerking instead of a rap.

Related image

All in all, I really enjoyed Megalo Box. I absolutely adored most of the characters and all of their quirks. The boxing matches themselves were incredible, allowing us to see each individual character reflected in how they box while making for great action. The soundtrack and art were phenomenal and reflected the tone of the series quite well. The show’s main theme was very thought-provoking and fit well alongside everything else there was to offer. The ending was maybe the best part to me, showcasing the raw passion of a good fight and getting some pretty damn good closure. My personal score is a 9.3/10.

Image result for megalo box end

God, I loved listening to the soundtrack for this while writing this post. At one point I got distracted and learned one of the songs on the ukulele. Anyways, I plan to be actually keeping up with next season, so expect a few more posts on seasonals. While Megalo Box was pretty good, AOTS for me would have to go to Souma or Asagao to Kase-san (the latter of which I will be making a post about soon). Alright, see you guys later when we get to talk about LESBIANS!

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Not Dead Yet…

Plebby’s Anime Harem

Hey guys, I’m back from hibernation for a little while! Well, it looks like we’ve got another tag post that’s happened to land in my lap. This time, I was nominated by Umai Yomu, you can check out their Anime Harem post here! This is a more recent tag created by Cactus Matt and it’s a pretty interesting idea. Here are the rules!

  1. Link back to the original post on Anime QandA so they can check out everyone’s picks!
  2. Use the ‘Build A Harem’ logo somewhere in the post.
  3. Make sure to mention the person who nominated you too!
  4. Pick 5 Anime Characters (any show & any gender) that would be in your ideal harem if you were the main character of a harem anime, explain a little bit as to why they are your picks (if you want).
  5. Make sure each character you pick falls into some of the following harem character types: Childhood friend, tom boy/girl, genki girl/boy, loli/shota, trap, tsundere, yandere, kuudere, dandere, etc. (If there’s a character you’ve picked that doesn’t specifically fall into one of these types or falls into multiple types that’s fine too!)
  6. Nominate 5 people to participate in this tag!


So that’s the name of the game, create your ideal harem with the most Superior waifus and/or husbandos. Now, let’s get into mine!


Yui Yamada

If you don’t know this adorable girl, she’s from Asagao to Kase-san, a really fun yuri OVA based off of a manga. She’s cheerful and always brightens the mood of any scene. I would’ve loved to have put both of the girls on this list, but I limited myself to one character per show. Either way, they’re both great.

Related imageYui is the blonde on the right


Yeah, yeah. I know Hisoka isn’t exactly the person you’d want involved in any even somewhat romantic scenario, but I love him way too much to not put him in here. His creepiness is a little off-putting, but that’s what makes his scenes so . If I actually had to put up with all of these characters in real life, I definitely wouldn’t be choosing Hisoka of all people. But since it’s for fun, he seems like a good fit.

Image result for hisoka


Megumin is just a cute explosion girl. Konosuba is a really funny show, but I found myself enjoying the scenes with Megumin in them the most. Judging by the show’s popularity polls, I really don’t need to explain myself very much here. Megumin is just really lovable.

Image result for megumin


I could’ve just as easily put Soma on here, but since this is a harem, I think it makes a little more sense to put his female counterpart here. I’ve talked way too much about Shokugeki no Soma, so if you want to hear me talk about it then go here. But to sum things up, Rindo is just really fun. She’s one of my favorite characters in the series and I honestly wish she appeared more often.

Image result for rindo


Anzu is just amazing. I could go on forever about how her character arc was undoubtedly the best in the show. She’s exactly what every parent hopes for when it comes to kids and definitely deserves some kind of best girl title.

Related image

Now for my five nominations! Good luck y’all.

Lita Kino
Purposefully Lackluster

Related image

I would’ve done this post earlier, but it took me a lot longer than I expected to decide on who I’d put in the harem. I’m not bi, but I really just couldn’t resist putting in Hisoka. I’m glad MAL was up while I was doing this, or it would’ve taken me a lot longer to decide. Anyways, I think I’m coming back for a while now that I’ve gotten a couple things out of my way. Also, I updated the site name finally! Anyways, I hope to see you guys again in July, thanks for making June my best month so far!












The Three Episode Test Is a Horrible Waste of Time, Here’s the Right Way to Use It

The three episode test is a pretty commonly used method of determining whether or not a show is good. You watch three episodes of an anime and only then do you decide whether or not to drop it. While I admit, watching three episodes of a show will tell you whether or not you’ll like it the vast majority of the time, I think it’s a huge waste of time. From my experience, it takes much less than three episodes to tell whether you’ll like a given series, maybe even less than an episode depending on the show.

I know that last statement is going to not sit well with some people, but I’m a strong believer that it’s completely fine to drop an anime a few mere minutes into its first episode. Over half of my dropped list is shows that I only watched one episode of. I think there are definitely some shows that it will only take an episode if not a few minutes to tell where it’s going. Dynamic Chord was boring, choppy, unappealing aesthetically, had no interesting characters, and seemed to disregard story altogether, I dropped it maybe 12 minutes into the episode. Eromanga-sensei was just trashy. Trash is fine and liking it is fine, but this just wasn’t my kind of trash. People told me that Gakkougurashi had a good first episode because of the twist, but it didn’t have anything else interesting happen after that. While the twist was really smart and the first episode was fine because of it, I could tell by the actual technical aspects of the show that it wouldn’t last if it didn’t have any more good writing. Ika Musume (Squid Girl) is a comedy, but I don’t find the comedy funny. Two Car was probably made by Siri and Alexa accidentally starting a conversation in someone’s living room, there’s really no substance to it. These are all really good examples of anime that I just knew I wouldn’t enjoy.

Image result for anime bored

But there’s already a good counter-argument to this. If you only watched one episode, how do you know that the show didn’t get better? This is a very valid question, and honestly, no, there’s no way of knowing with 100% certainty that a show will never improve. However, I think it’s a really rare case that it does. And what I’ve found through thinking about examples of dropped shows that I tried to pick back up, I’ve found, for myself at least, a pretty good way of knowing what will and what won’t be enjoyable an episode or two down the line. I’m going to talk about my experiences with a lot of shows here, but it’s all in support of my point, so bear with me.

Image result for kirito tea annoyed

Cheating Craft is not a good show. However, I was hesitant to drop it at first because I hoped that it could get better. I knew that great things could be done with the premise, so I waited, and waited, and waited. I finished the show and gave it a three. I wasn’t employing the three episode test then, but doing so would’ve still gotten pretty much the same result: watching too much of a show I didn’t like.

Image result for cheating craft

Umaru-chan was tough to get through. I don’t mean that it was boring or bad in any regard. It was just completely infuriating. This seeming torture porn of a comedy was just too much for me to handle at first, and I dropped it with a seven. I knew that the writing was good and the jokes were great, I just didn’t feel like the target audience. However, I later picked it up with a different mindset and realizing that Umaru got less annoying over time, I found myself really enjoying the show. My score of the show stayed the same, but this time I actually liked it.

Related image

18if was really confusing from the beginning. After the first episode, I couldn’t tell whether I was going to give it a four for being messy and stupid or an eight for being a hilarious parody. I ended up watching a couple more episodes and eventually, I determined that it was the former of the two previously stated options.

Related image

Devils’ Line really just isn’t my thing. Again, trash is fine, but this just wasn’t my kind of trash. I wasn’t a fan of anything in the show and the premise wasn’t enough to drag me back in. Although, I did attempt to continue watching it for other reasons. I still really found myself disliking it. Nothing changed, I wasn’t a fan of anything they were doing and I still didn’t think the show was any type of good on a technical level.

Related image

Flip Flappers seemed like a blurry mess to me. It was really nice to look at, the writing seemed fun, I found myself liking the characters a lot. However, I had no idea what happened. After watching the first episode, I had no idea about how anything worked, and it left me unwanting to finish the show. The premise hadn’t established itself well and that made me drop it. However, I later heard that it was an amazing show by a ton of people. Picking it back up again, I seemed to agree. I ended up quickly watching the rest of the show and ending it off with a nine.

Image result for flip flappers

Finally, Katsugeki/Touken Ranbu was a drag. The writing was bad, the action was boring, the story was understandable but all over the place, nothing happened for a reason, things were just stupid. I dropped it after a mere ten minutes and my ex dropped it after just six. Nothing about the show was horrible, but everything was below average. I ended up picking it up again and only finished the episode because of a deal I made with a friend who liked the show. Nothing changed. An episode isn’t that much, but I spent double the amount of time watching the show and came out with the exact same opinion of it.

Image result for touken ranbu anime

Now, what I’ve learned from all of this is an easy concept to apply to any dropped show. The shows I just mentioned could all be put into two categories: ones I dropped because of confusion with the premise, and ones that I didn’t like, despite not having a problem with their premise, just the execution. With the former group, the three episode test seemed to work really well. However, for the second, it did nothing but waste time for me. If you really think about a show and its development process, what changes over the course of three episodes? A show’s execution probably won’t change over the course of three episodes, it’s not like you go from bad at doing something to good at doing it over the course of two weeks. But can a premise take time to establish itself? For sure. If after only an episode, you know that you don’t like a show’s execution, you can almost always safely drop it. However, if whether or not you like a show lies solely in what happens with the premise, you might want to watch a few episodes.

My theory is that the three episode test was made to be a way of determining a show’s premise. Then, the meaning was slowly warped to determine a show’s quality instead due to a community-wide game of telephone. As someone who’s a member of MAL Rewrite, I know that three episodes are perfect for determining a show’s premise. Most of the synopses on the website were only written after two or three episodes of the show being watched because that’s the sweet spot. However, I think that three episodes are way too much time to determine whether or not you’ll like a show unless your liking it relies on the premise.

So the next time you watch a show and don’t like it after one episode, hear me out and ask yourself something. Is your enjoyment of the show at all going to be affected by the premise changing/establishing clearer? If not, I think it’s safe to say that you won’t be missing out by dropping the show after only watching an episode. Watching an hour of anime is a lot of time. If you’re more conscious of what anime you do and don’t drop, you may find yourself saving a lot of time.

Related image

Wow, this post was long. I probably could’ve cut out all the examples and gotten my point across in a couple hundred words, but I wanted to really hammer it in that I don’t support the three episode test as something universal at all and I have the experiences to back it. Plus, it was a fun way to talk a little bit about a lot of shows I’ll likely never cover. Hopefully, I can start to drift back on schedule with posting, I’ve been fumbling here and there, but I haven’t been forgetting that the blog exists for a month in like… a whole month or two now. Whoopee! Anyways, thanks for the support lately. We’re only a third way into the month and it’s already been my #1 for comments and likes since starting the blog. While I like getting views, it’s a lot better feeling when I get comments and likes, it lets me know that people got something out of my posts. Now with that out of the way, I’m currently averaging two hours of sleep a night, so I should probably go try to change that. I hope to see all of you soon!

Related image

Popee the Performer

Since I’m talking about a “kids show” but I need to make sure none of you click away… Take a look at what the show itself looks like. (Minor gore)




Image result for popee the performer

Related image
If you can’t tell, he’s sucking the poison out of him

Now that you’re all paying attention…
Popee the Performer is a small, 39 episode kids show of lasting four minutes an episode. Though meant for kids, the show has racked up a small cult following on the internet. Just because it’s a kids show does not make it any less crazy or enjoyable.

The show centers around Popee, a clown in a striped jumpsuit with bunny ears and a tail; Kedamono, a… dog thing…? who’s face is never seen by the audience, instead constantly keeping a white mask over his face, expressing himself by switching masks to show different expressions; and Papi, a strange, creature that I can’t really describe (the one with the moustache) who first shows up about a third ways into the show. The three are seen in a circus in the middle of the desert, often performing tricks you might see at a circus. Often, these end in the tricks going wrong and ending in violent antics.


While I could talk about the unsettling ending that asks much questions than it does answer, there are plenty of fan theories that you could search for yourself. My goal here is only to convince you to watch the show for yourself, which you can do here.

Popee the Performer makes absolutely no sense sometimes. It’s just a ton of different things happening all at once. Episodes start and without any explanation as to what’s going/gone on. There’s sometimes no explanation whatsoever as to why something works or why anything happens in the first place. There’s also not even a pinch of continuity. But this all is what makes the series fun to watch. The insane, unexplainable mess of events stuck together hanging onto each other by a thread is honestly more than enough for me to recommend it.


This definitely isn’t something for everyone, but I think the off the walls jumble of thrown together ideas is weird at worst, hilarious at best. I’d also really recommend having a friend (or perhaps some alcohol) with you while you watch it. Laughing at something stupid is always a lot more fun when you have someone to do it with you. Also, I’d recommend watching at double speed. It’s a tad slow normally, and speeding it up makes it a lot funnier and less likely to kill you. Either way, just enjoy the show for what it is and have a good laugh if it sounds like the kind of thing you’re into.

Image result for popee papi and kedamono









I really couldn’t resist talking about this thing after finishing it. It’s a shame that this only has 3,000 members on MAL (but then again, so is its fanart). But I had a blast watching it with my friend. I hope you guys are enjoying the increase in videos recently. I’m still trying to figure out what posts I enjoy making the most. Anyways, tell me what happens if you decide to check the show out and I’ll hopefully see all in a few days!

Hinamatsuri! Cute Girls and All, but Fix Your Pacing Please

Hinamatsuri has been a strange series. Though mostly a comedy, there are also a couple of other tones creeping around in the show. Recently, half an episode was spent just making us cry over Anzu (please protect btw). And so far, I’m really enjoying it! It definitely has a few problems, but I think overall it’s a fun show. (also spoilers ahead so yea)

Something I especially appreciate is the show’s slow but certain development of Hina. While in the first episode we barely saw her be anything other than emotionless, she is now starting to really care about things. It’s not that she’s smarter or anything, it’s that she’s now seemingly no longer detached from things. A good moment to point to for this is her saying goodbye to Nitta. Hina seems to be genuinely troubled by telling him that she has to leave, choosing to throw up and even go to the hospital just to delay telling him. Nitta really matters to her, maybe the first person to ever. When she says her final goodbyes, she’s showing a genuine smile. As it’s revealed, she used to just barely function on autopilot, destroying entire cities. Despite not seeming to ever get angry, Hina used to like taking control over things just to get what she wanted, causing mass destruction when necessary. It’s just really nice to see Hina starting care more about things after all this time.

The show definitely has its faults though. I think it’s really just all over the place sometimes, and not in a good way. The show goes on a lot of tangents, and most of them aren’t that great. While I really like all of the different subplots in the show all weaving together, I think they should be less spontaneous and spread out more. Hitomi working at the bar is great and I think it works well with the series. However, the episode where Hitomi’s classmates go on an “investigation” to see what she’s doing at the bar left me feeling like I had watched a different show. It was so out of nowhere and primarily featured a few characters who we hadn’t even known up until then. And really, it was kind of boring. That may be just me, but I didn’t really enjoy the episode anyway. The episode about Mami felt the same. It centered around someone we didn’t know, contributed pretty much nothing to the plot as a whole, and in my opinion at least, wasn’t funny. Anzu’s subplot is really nice. I think that it’s a great example of what these other episodes could’ve been. First of all, Anzu’s subplot has been spread out throughout the show. While it’s not even, the episode where the homeless group breaks up only took half of the episode’s runtime and still complemented the other half.

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I’m also getting a bit overwhelmed with all that’s happening in the show right now. Suddenly we have a completely new girl with her own subplot and we’re only now getting introduced to this very large group of characters from the organization. I think a fear of mine came true with this show. When I was three or four episodes in and remembered the first scene of the show, realizing that it hadn’t even been mentioned since I was a little scared that the show was going to mess up its pacing and throw in a ton of things at once near the end without explaining many of them. This is exactly what has happened. We’re told that Hina has destroyed cities, but why? Is this on her home planet or has Hina been sent to other cities before, destroying them before anyone like Nitta found her and helped her? Are these superpowers created or is this a whole other race? What even is the organization and when are we actually going to find something out about them instead of just seeing new members of theirs spontaneously thrown into the series?Related image

With only three episodes to go, I am a little concerned that we’ll get a “read the manga” ending or a lazy copout. I wouldn’t mind the show setting up for a second season, leaving just the right amount of plot revealed so we’re satisfied yet intrigued for more, but I don’t really see that happening. The show seems to be throwing a lot at us really quickly, and I have a sinking feeling in my stomach that the next couple of episodes are just going to be a cluster of thrown together ideas. Either way, the show has already done enough to earn a good score from me, I really like the comedy and I absolutely adore all of the characters.

Ahhh, the sweet feeling of being ahead of yourself. Maybe for the first time ever on this blog, I have things finished that won’t even be coming out for a few days. I finished a post like five days in advance, is someone proud of me? No? Eh, well I can at least be happy with myself. As far as future stuff goes, I’m probably going to start the Salty Anime Challenge soon, so if you’re a fan of some good old hate, then stay tuned for that! I’m going to go draw pineapples for the next half our so I’ll see guys in two days when I talk about Popee the Performer (oh, joy). Bye!!